New Drawing: Tattoo for Surgeon Jenn

May 30, 2009

I have known Jennifer (known to many of us as Surgeon Jenn) for a few years now, and she has become a dear friend.  A surgeon by profession, she is also one of the most dedicated dancers that I know, and just an all around awesome lady. 

Jennifer already had a beautiful color tattoo with flowers and art nouveau ribbon accents.  She wanted a new piece for her upper arm that would be in harmony with the art nouveau theme, but done in the style of my illustrations.

I worked with her through several drafts of the drawing.  Aside from aesthetics, I wanted to make sure that the design complimented the physical shape of her arm and shoulder.  A nice design by itself is not enough to warrant the permanence of a tattoo; it must also flatter the person's unique body shape.   

The placement of the drawing has the circular portion over the shoulder, with the ribbon-esque lines trailing down the upper arm. The asymmetry of the design follows the structure of the arm and shoulder, but retains visual balance.

Portrait of Collide's Singer kaRIN Wins Contest
kaRIN of Collide

April 01, 2009

One of my favorite bands, Collide, held a drawing contest this past month of March. The contestants were asked to submit a portrait of kaRIN and/or Statik in any medium. As Collide's music has been great inspiration for me over the last few years, I felt this was a wonderful opportunity to give something in return.

I drew a portrait of kaRIN, loosely based on one of her photographs. As per usual, I began with a pencil drawing, working out the composition throughout the month, and then finished by going over it in ink pen. Once I get going on a drawing project, lines seem to flow from the pencil on their own accord. I have a rough idea of the general layout of the drawing, but can never predict or plan the end result. The details just sort of magically materialize, and the outcome is always a surprize.

The illustration ended up tying for first place with another contestant's creative portrait of Statik. Thank you to Collide for the opportunity to create more art, and for fueling my creative energy with beautiful music. 

Please visit and their forum on noise-fest.

The Gallery is Up!

March 30, 2009

The gallery is up and running!  I included a number of my ink illustrations, as well as some ballpoint pen drawings from my sketchbook.  A few more works will be uploaded in the next month as they reach completion.  Please check back periodically.

Illustration Featured on
Image I received the great honour of having my illustration featured as the current logo for Ariellah Aflalo. 

One of this country's elite celebrity belly dancers, Ariellah is known for her trademark theatrical style and most exquisite dance technique.  This has won her recognition in both the conventional and gothic-underground dance worlds.  Ariellah spreads her touch of the dark aesthetic across the world, teaching workshops and performing in many countries, and attracting thousands of students and admirers.

 The illustration was inspired by Ariellah's precise form, elegance, and ability to step beyond the threshhold into a realm where dance surpasses mere skill and becomes a language of the soul; where dance becomes art.

Please visit her website at



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